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Jared Leto Hot For Scarlett

. There nothing wrong with a little innocent flirting has oc? Certainly not Jared Leto t seem to think that way Sunday evening Golden Globe bash at Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, where he made a quick bee-line for his recently married ex-girlfriend Scarlett Johansson! A real party colleagues says OK! Leto that he spent most of the evening hitting on Scarlett Johansson, who certainly didn t seem to mind.
18.5.09 12:29


Hayden Panettiere At The Golden Globes

As the face of Neutrogena, I think we should expect nothing less Amy Oresman Celebrity Makeup artist takes us through the process used to create Panettieres baby face look.. Rarely Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere not look like a fallen angel.
18.5.09 12:29

Giant Disaster

The team was never the same after that, and hard to win a playoff game when the starting receivers are Steve Smith, Amani Toomer And Domenik Hixon. Sure Tiki has had the embarrassing task of hosting a Golden Globe preshow, but at least he was able to see the likes of Beyonce Salma Hayek and Megan Fox closely. One giant that has done a decent Sunday, however, was Barber. The Giants chance to repeat as champs Super Bowl officially ended yesterday, but the season was much more than when Plaxico Burress shooting himself.
18.5.09 12:29

Awards Not As Important To Applegate Anymore

Then, it was very easy to try to get a dress, a very simple thing to get ready, because I dont place the same importance to things like that. Access Hollywoods Applegate told Billy Bush that prepping for the red carpet has become less stressful, now that she has overcome her health struggles. L importance I place things are different things now, Applegate told Access.
18.5.09 12:29

Jordan Woods Beckham White Dont Bet Against It Meet Sports Likely Next Global Superstar

At 22, white and David Beckham reached levels Tiger Wood name recognition worldwide. The issue in November for a game with his name on the cover has been accompanied by a $ 10m advertising campaign worldwide, guaranteeing its presence in living rooms from San Diego to Manchester to Tokyo.. It has two lines of clothing and a national spokesman for Amex and Hewlett Packard in the United States.
18.5.09 12:29

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